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Who we are

Ystan miel is an artisan company that was born in June 2021, from the desire and passion that our founder Fernando J. Moreno puts in the bees.

More about Ystan Miel

We are located in Istán, in the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, and a step away from the Costa del Sol. We are producers of honey and pollen. We develop a sustainable beekeeping and committed to the environment that surrounds us. All our hives are located in natural settings of incalculable value that, at Ystan Miel, we help to preserve and improve.

The obtaining of our honey

Obtaining our honey is completely natural, combining tradition and innovation to be able to enjoy the quality of our 100% raw and natural honey, without heat treatment or filtration, controlling all traceability of the product. Helping in local development and work in rural areas.

Our Ystan Miel products

The products of Ystan Miel, authentic artisan beekeepers, from people in love with the Environment. The team of artisan beekeepers of this company is focused on the supreme quality of honey, transmitting the peculiarities of each area.

A gift from
the nature

It provides gourmet satisfaction in every spoonful and is a great source of health, always valued by humanity. Ystan honey, an absolutely handmade jewel, is presented as an inspiration for the best kitchens of the moment.

The best

We work with the best local beekeepers in the area.


The golden delicacy has hundreds of hives in various fields.

We produce our honey

We work with the best local beekeepers in the area.

Local beekeepers

We work with the best local beekeepers in the area.

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