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These General Conditions of use of the services offered at the URL (hereinafter the YSTANMIEL) are subscribed, by the domain owner, YSTANMIEL whose tax address is Avenida Juan Carlos I n34, local 29611 – Malaga, Spain. NIF 78964043Y and the contact email is:

The CLIENT is considered to be natural persons with the capacity to validly sign a contract in accordance with the applicable law.

You will not be able to use the website and you will not be able to accept the conditions if you are not of legal age and cannot formalize a binding contract in accordance with the law, or if you do not have the quality of CLIENT as stated.

The sale of the content of YSTANMIEL is exclusively permitted to users residing in Spain. The use of this website as well as any acquisition or purchase made on it is considered executed in Spain, and therefore subject to current Spanish laws and regulations. It does not accept or deliver orders outside of the mentioned territories.


This e-commerce website is owned by YSTANMIEL in its entirety, including all related rights. Any systematic reproduction of this website, in whole or in part, will be subject to authorization by YSTANMIEL. However, hypertext links to the website are authorized without prior notice.


The client acknowledges, when placing an order, that he has read the general terms and conditions established on this screen and expressly declares to accept them without reservation. These general terms and conditions regulate the contractual relationship between YSTANMIEL and its CLIENT, both parties accept it without reservation. These general terms and conditions prevail over any other conditions present in any other document, except by express and prior written waiver.


The images of the products, the descriptions and the names are indicative as they may contain some errors. In addition, they may not faithfully reproduce a product and therefore the images that illustrate the products are not contractual. If any error occurs, under no circumstances, YSTANMIEL will have responsibilities involved on this issue. Most of the products offered to its customers by YSTANMIEL are available in our warehouse.


The automatic registration system is considered as proof regarding the nature, content and date of the order. YSTANMIEL confirms acceptance of the order by sending an email to the email address previously provided by the customer. The sale will only be concluded when the order is confirmed by YSTANMIEL. If the information indicated by the buyer, when placing an order, in case of making an error in the information provided by the client, YSTANMIEL is not responsible for the impossibility of delivery of the order.

Because it is the responsibility of the CLIENT to enter all the data correctly before confirming the order, we inform that those shipments that have to be re-issued by the relevant transport agency due to an error on the part of the CLIENT when entering the postal code or address of delivery, the extra cost must be paid by the CUSTOMER and not by YSTANMIEL.

In the same way, in telephone orders it will be the customer’s responsibility to check in their order confirmation email if the requested merchandise and all the delivery address and contact information are correct as soon as the order is finished. call, immediately reporting by e-mail or telephone any error made by the person who has placed the order on your behalf, otherwise the costs of returning or exchanging a product or re-dispatching the package due to an error in your order must be paid by the CLIENT.

If the transport agency returns a shipment to us because the maximum number of days that a package can be retained at the destination agency have elapsed since the order leaves our facilities without having been delivered or picked up or because the recipient does not accept the shipment despite having been initially paid, the total amount of the order will be refunded minus the shipping costs (whether or not they appear on the invoice) and €4.95 will also be subtracted as compensation for the processing of the return shipment by the shipping agency. transport.

In the cases of returns or non-collection of orders with cash on delivery payment, the following orders can only be sent after paying them via transfer/deposit, credit/debit card or PayPal.

YSTANMIEL se reserva el derecho de cancelar cualquier pedido realizado por un cliente con quien existe una disputa comercial relacionada con el pago de un pedido anterior.

YSTANMIEL offers customer service by phone and/or e-mail. In case of requesting any change related to an order or its cancellation, the delivery of the package cannot be stopped if it has already been invoiced and has left our facilities, so it will have to be solved after the delivery of the same.

When placing the order, the CUSTOMER accepts the sending of informative e-mails confirming the order, preparing it with the tracking of the shipment and assessing the products purchased.


All orders delivered by YSTANMIEL are intended for the personal use of customers. Customers or recipients of the products do not have the right to resell all or part of the products. Delivery will be made directly to the recipient or, in case of absence, to another person entitled by the customer. The possible delay in delivery does not entitle the customer to claim damages. War, riots, fires, strikes, accidents and the impossibility of being supplied are considered as imponderable acts that release the seller from his responsibility to deliver the requested order. Goods always travel at the expense and risk of the recipient. Always check the status of your order when you receive it. You have 48 hours to make any claims to the carrier in case of failure or damage.


You have 7 calendar days from delivery to notify us of your desire to return all or part of your order by withdrawal. To do this, the products must be presented in perfect condition and if they are returned open and/or without the original packaging, the product will suffer a depreciation in the amount to be returned. The product can be returned by Post or transport agency of your choice, postage paid.

The refund of the total amount or of the returned products will be made through the same method of payment of the order and will be carried out when the batches, the expiration date and the state of the products in our facilities are verified, taking into account what is mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Withdrawal form:

For the attention of YSTANMIEL (Avenida Juan Carlos I n34, local 29611 – (Málaga) by e-mail to:

I hereby notify you that I withdraw from my sales contract for the following product / or the following products / or the total order (and then describe the products you wish to return as best as possible).

– Order or invoice number … received on the day …

– Full name of the user:

– Address of the user:

– Date:

You may return all or part of your order if you have mistakenly received a defective product or product different from what was requested. To do this, you must notify YSTANMIEL via e-mail indicating:< /strong>

– Order number or full name and order date.

– Products to return.

– Contact telephone number.

No return will be made that has not been previously communicated in writing to: Once the return has been communicated and approved by the customer service department, they can send us the merchandise to be returned, properly packed and protected so that it does not suffer damage in the return, together with a letter inside, indicating the reason for the return and the related order. with the products, to the following address:


Avenida Juan Carlos I n34,

local 29611 – (Malaga).

We also remind the client of the existence of a legal guarantee of conformity for the goods and the existence of after-sales service and commercial guarantees.


Prices are in Euros (€). The prices that appear in product data sheets do not include the cost of shipping. The price that appears on the order confirmation is the final price, including all taxes and the cost of shipping.


The user has at his disposal 4 forms of payment. All 100% secure through SSL security encryption

– Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card, etc.

– PayPal / Express Payment.

– Transfer (entry to our account number, indicating the order number in the concept).

– Cash on delivery: This form of payment has a fixed additional cost of €2.95.

The order validated by the client will be considered effective only when the banking centers involved give their approval. The refusal of these centers will automatically cause the cancellation of the order. YSTANMIEL does not know the reasons for the refusal of the banking platform.


These conditions are written in Spanish, and are subject to current Spanish legislation. The parties submit, at their choice, for the resolution of conflicts and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the city of Madrid. In the event of a dispute, the client will first contact the company to find an amicable solution. In case of any claim, the buyer has the possibility, before any legal action, to seek an amicable agreement, especially with the help of: a professional association of the sector, consumer associations, or any other type of consulting organization.


“Best before dates” present on the products must be respected by the customer. In any case, YSTANMIEL is not responsible for non-compliance with the provisions of the legislation and regulations in force, the responsibility of YSTANMIEL is automatically limited to the value of the product in question, value on the date of purchase and that without having the possibility of resorting to the brand or company that produced the product.


The privacy and data processing policy can be found at the following link


If any provision of these conditions is considered invalid or unenforceable, said provision will be eliminated, leaving the rest of the clauses in force. The titles of the sections must be understood for the sole purpose of references, and in no way define, limit, interpret or describe the scope or extension of the corresponding section. 

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