Chestnut honey – 1 kilo


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Chestnut honey is amber to dark amber in color, with some light brownish-green hues that are more visible in the upper area where the honey touches the glass of the container.
It has a very particular aroma, with a clear woody component, dry wood, like that of the boots where wines are aged, and a floral base.
The taste is also very peculiar, sweet but bitter.
It has little tendency to crystallization.
A highly appreciated honey in haute cuisine for its flavor and aroma.
Due to its high components of several essential vitamins for the proper functioning of the body, such as vitamin C and B, added to antioxidants, they contribute to the process of strengthening muscles, positively influence blood circulation, preventing circulatory problems, as well It also improves the body’s immune system by improving liver function.
Due to its high content of minerals and trace elements, it is an ideal anti-inflammatory and soothes the pain caused by rheumatic inflammations. It stimulates slow digestive processes, it also clears the airways, by fulfilling its expectorant function, cleaning the bronchi, preventing episodes of dry cough.
Due to its high iron content, and for this reason it prevents anemic symptoms and facilitates recovery in those that have already occurred.
It is rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium.
We collect this honey in Genalguacil, Valle del Genal, at an altitude of 650m above sea level.


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