Orange blossom honey – 31 grams


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Orange blossom is a generic name given to the white and perfumed flowers of citrus fruits: orange, lemon, mandarin and grapefruit.
This crop comes from Asia and India, from where the Arabs introduced it to our area.
It blooms between April and May, filling the air with its intoxicating perfume.
The orange blossom honey that we harvest comes from the Guadalhorce Valley, between the towns of Cartama, Pizarra and Alora, at an altitude of between 80m and 222m above sea level.
Orange blossom honey is a very light yellowish amber color with straw tones. When it crystallizes it becomes more whitish.
It has a clearly identifiable aroma, with marked characteristic citrus notes and very intense and quite persistent floral components.
The taste is also very characteristic. It has a marked acid component clearly detectable on the sides of the tongue that complements its sweetness making it very pleasant and appreciated.
The specific properties of this honey is that it is relaxing and sedative.


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